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Citizenship Ceremony

Once your application for citizenship is approved, you get an invitation letter confirming this and inviting you to be a part of the Citizenship Ceremony from the Home Office. This ceremony is generally held close to your house.

Earning a British citizenship is a prominent occasion and this is the reason it is celebrated in a remarkable way. In this ceremony, you are welcomed by your local authorities of the community and allowed to meet other people of the area who have earned the British citizenships.

Organizing the Citizenship Ceremony

You get this invitation 90 days prior to the actual ceremony. The invitation contains contact details of your local authority, the one who would be arranging your ceremony. It can be conducted at the town hall or register office.


Children are not subjected to taking a citizenship oath and the pledge, thus no need to attend the citizenship ceremony. Children who have attained 18 years are liable to attend the ceremony.

What Happens in Citizenship Ceremony

In this ceremony, you have to make an oath of allegiance including a pledge. You have to take this oath and pledge hence it is expected to practice it before you attend this ceremony.

Oath of Allegiance

In this oath you say that you swear that on earning British citizenship, you will be honest to the Queen, her heirs as per the law.

Affirmation of Allegiance

In this you solemnly declare that on being a British citizen, you will be faithful to Her Majesty Queen and the successors according to the law of Britain.


In the pledge you ensure of your honesty and loyalty towards the United Kingdom and manifest your acceptance and respect its freedom and rights. You pledge to respect its democratic values and obey its laws faithfully and fulfill your duties and obligations being a British citizen.

Attending the Citizenship Ceremony

When you reach to attend the ceremony, you will be checked for your certificate by the local authority staff for your identity and get confirmation of your personal details before allowing you to enter the venue. You will also be provided with some refreshments.

In this ceremony, the speeches are delivered by local or national dignitaries, which include welcoming the new citizens and encouraging them to contribute to their communities.

You will be provided with your certificate of British citizenship and a welcome kit. You will be offered with a commemorative gift, usually with a local touch. You are expected to stand while the national anthem is played.

The local authorities arrange for videos and photographs of this event, which you can buy from them.


Citizenship ceremony is a grand event especially for those people who have freshly earned British Citizenship. This is a ritual that is organized by Local authorities of Britain to commemorate the new members of Britain country and this ceremony is filled with delight, joy and celebrations.

Now it’s time to be a part of this country which you have always dreamt of!

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