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About Life in the UK Test Practice Test 2014

If you are planning to live in UK as its citizen, you will have to undergo a compulsory test – Life in the UK test. This test is very important and mandatory for all who wish to settle down in UK or apply for British Citizenship.

The basic motive behind taking this test is to analyze the English and cultural knowledge of the candidate who wish to settle down in Britain.

About Life in the UK Test Practice Test 2014

There are several sites offering mock test, practice lessons, and online counseling to the candidates who are planning to take Life in the UK Test. There are number of practice sections that can be practiced to have a better idea of the questions that are asked in this test.

In addition, there are official study materials, in the form of books, also available like ‘Life in the UK Test Study Guide’ and ‘Life in the UK Test Practice Questions’. This book keeps updating its editions to update the latest model questions that can help a candidate to clear the test. The latest version is 2014 edition of this book. These materials are also available in the CD ROM to offer better accessibility.

These practice test book have 2-6 chapters, which encompasses the complete set of question with answers to prepare the candidate for the given test. These practice tests are comprised of thorough English language, grammar along with British culture, law, society, economy, history, people, and constitution of the sovereign state, administrative rules and host of other necessary details that a candidate should know and understand before being a part of that country.

These test practice sessions are extremely helpful and provide the candidate with an insight to understand the level of English language and the culture of Britain.

Basics of Practice Tests 2014


Knowledge of English language is necessary for the economical, commercial, and political interaction and development not only in UK but also at global platform. Hence, evaluating the Basic English language knowledge of a candidate is one of the necessary parts of UK’s citizenship process.

UK Knowledge

Before becoming a UK citizen, a person should have the knowledge of the culture, history, traditions, and lifestyle of that country. Therefore, the Life in the UK test manifests questions to test the factual knowledge of the aspirants about UK’s culture, lifestyle, history, and traditions.


Life in the UK Test is a mandatory test and the only process to settle down in the UK. Just ensure that you have a good practice of About Life in the UK Test Practice Test 2014 if you want to become a part of this country, which is known for its rich royal culture and tradition. You need to answer at least 18 questions correctly which will not be tough for you. The main test is generally of 24 questions in totality.

So good luck and rely on the ‘Life in the UK Test Practice Test 2014 Handbooks’ and be a part of this country.

Life in the UK Practice Test